My ministry—Jodie Barnes


Jodie Barnes is a songwriter inspired by salvation. “It’s a story the world needs to hear,” says the Avondale College of Higher Education Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching student.

Together with friend Benjamin Milis, also an Avondale student, Jodie received the Psalter Music Award at the Manifest Creative Arts Festival in 2011. The award recognises excellence in song composing. Jodie and Ben’s winning song, “God Is Here”, in an inspirational style using three-part harmony, reminds the listener of God’s presence at the death of Jesus on the cross and of God’s presence today. “I love God,” says Jodie. “If I don’t use my talents for Him, I’m hiding the light He’s given me.”

There is nothing that compares to the excitement and joy of using your talents for God.

Avondale College students Jodie Barnes and Benjamin Milis.

Those talents are being developed and refined. Jodie, a former member of Avondale vocal ensemble The Promise, describes her calling as a “journey”. “I use my talents to bring people into a place of worship,” she says. “I always pray that this will be my motivation to sing and compose—not self-centred but God-centred.”

Jodie says music and the other arts help us see the unseen by “painting a bigger picture of God and who He created us to be. We can learn a lot through the arts about the beauty of the gift of grace and of salvation.”

While winning an award at Manifest is a highlight, Jodie says, “there is nothing that compares to the excitement and joy of using your talents for God.”

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