One million tracts to share gospel


Ringwood, Victoria

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) has printed more than one million pocket-sized tracts as part of its commitment to providing low cost sharing materials to spread the gospel. 

...tracts have proven to be an effective way of sharing our Bible truths.

The tracts are similar in presentation to the pocket Signs series and are designed, as the name implies, to fit in a person’s pocket or wallet. They have been edited to suit the Australian culture and have local contact information. 

The AUC has worked in partnership with GLOW, an initiative of the Central Californian Conference, to develop versions of their titles to appeal to our culture. 

“In America, the tracts have proven to be an effective way of sharing our Bible truths,” said Don Madden, AUC Resource Centre manager, “with people accepting Jesus as their Saviour as a result of first reading a tract.”

The 15 tract subjects include seeking repentance and salvation, the truth about the Sabbath, the dangers of the occult, the false doctrine of hell, how to pray, prophecy and end times, why suffering and the new earth.

To launch this million-tract milestone, the AUC is offering the tracts at a 50 per cent discount until June 30 (see advertisement on facing page for details).