Table Talk builds faith over dinner


Sydney, New South Wales

A new resource designed to build faith during family meal times has been dedicated in Sydney. 

Research states very clearly that eating together is far more than just consuming food.

Table Talk is a box containing a set of conversation starters based on the four important faith themes of the Gracelink children’s Sabbath School curriculum—grace, worship, community and service. Each day, children can choose a card that fits their Sabbath School lesson to initiate family faith-building conversations.

Participants at the New South Wales, Home Grown, Children’s Ministries Expo gathered around a table and prayed for the many families the resource will reach and dedicated the project to God.

Research states very clearly that eating together is far more than just consuming food. Eating together reduces at risk behaviour such as alcohol and drug use, and produces healthier and happier children. Faith develops, spiritual values are transferred and family identity is strengthened, when families use meal times to build relationships. The meal table should be technology free and provide quality time to talk and share. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, God told Moses to ensure families intentionally used their daily routines and rhythms, such as sitting together, to pass faith on to the next generation. 

Table Talk is already capturing the interest of families not only in Australia but also in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. 

Dr Linda Koh, from General Conference Children’s Ministries, has requested that boxes be sent to every Division around the world. 

Table Talk was written by the Australian Children’s Ministries directors and Amanda Bews. It was sponsored and produced by the Department of Children’s Ministries of the South Pacific Division. 

It is available from Adventist Book Centres for $A14.95.