Happy Mother’s Day!


Wishing all the mothers, aunties and the women who contribute so much to our churches and our families a wonderful and blessed day.

“Dear mum…

“Thanks a lot for all that you have done for me. I am a heart; you are my beat, beating rhythmically to my happiness, my fear, my sadness and my excitement. I am the sun; you are my rays, helping me to shine and to be all that I can. God bless you, my mother. All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to her. I am nothing to this world if my mother wasn’t here. I owe you a lot. Happy Mother’s Day, with love…” –Lynma

Jill Macgillivray

Jill and her husband are volunteer workers in Vanuatu. They have been serving there for the past 12 years. “Mum, you have an amazing faith in God that is an inspiration to everyone. You are so selfless, always thinking about other people. Even though you are far away, we think of you often. You are a wonderful mother, and grandmother. We love you so much.” –Raschelle Jae Piez

“Dear mum…

“The older I get the more I realise how much my mum has given me. The way I feel about myself, interact with others, and picture God are three of her biggest gifts to me. Thanks Mum!!!” –Jason Hinze

Tisila Faraimo

“Whenever we think of true love, we think of you. Your love has never failed us. Thank you for all the yummy food you cook and for teaching us every day about life and about God. Your heart is our classroom. Thank you Lord for mum. Love from your favourite people in the world.” –Dad, Arlen, Arljanita, and Jenarl Faraimo. Jennifer and Maurice Vele

Julia Arvai

“I would like to wish my Nanny the most wonderful Mother’s Day on her 53rd year as a mother. My nanny is the most selfless and generous person I know and has always been a loving and incredible mother and grandmother. Happy Mother’s Day, I love you very much.” –Alyssa Faith. Photo: Julia Arvai, Alyssa, and Amaryll Naismith (Alyssa’s mum).

Charmaine de Waal

“Mum, thanks for all the lovely meals–you are our Masterchef. Thank you for seeing to my hair and buying me pretty clothes (Chare’). Thanks for listening to all my stories and being so supportive (Kerryn). Mum, we admire and love you heaps (and your jokes, smile and prayers). You are the BEST.” –Kerryn and Chare’ de Waal

“Dear mum…

“Words cannot express how much you mean to me mum. From the depths of my heart, I am humbly greatful to the Lord for your presence in my life. You truely have been a role modal in all aspects of my life and I give all the glory and honour to God for giving me you. Also, thank you for being the blessing of a mother to other children. I’ve always admired how you’ve always (regardless of time or money) stepped in to support them and again all the credit goes to God. May He continue to guide your spiritual gifts so that you will help in moving His gospel.

“Finally, to all the special ladies out there who have been like a mother to me, thank you for your warm encouragements and support. To all the mothers out there, may the Lord continue to bless you as you continue to bless others. With love.” –Bianca Put-Lee Tommbe

Jenny Miller (nee Wright)

“Thank you for your love, direction, encouragement, cooking, humour, sacrifice, faith and belief over a lifetime of mothering. Your tribe is still expanding, and you have enough room in your great heart for us all. We love you! Your Kids xx.” –Kerry Miller

Merele Ferris

“My mother is 97 years old. She has enjoyed a happy life but experienced the sadness of burying a Father, Mother, Husband and Brother. My Mother’s optimism, unselfish love and unwavering faith and trust in God have sustained her and her family and continue to inspire those around her. We, her family, consider her to be the greatest gift that God ever gave to us.” –Carole Platt


“I would like everybody to remember the following mothers this Mother’s Day:

  • Mothers in our churches in Israel
  • Mothers who have lost children
  • Mothers who do not have a happy relationship with their children
  • Unmarried women who are truly mothers to many
  • Women who have miscarried, or whose children have died young – they are still mothers
  • Women who struggle with infertility

“It’s a brave woman who goes to church on Mother’s Day. Please be inclusive in your congratulations and good wishes. Mother’s Day can be very painful.

“My mother was clinically depressed as I grew up. When I became a Christian at 17, I was asked to leave home and had to do it. Mother’s Day was complex for me. Now I have adult children who are wonderful to me and we are able to love each other. I praise God for that. I lecture in child development at Avondale College, and I have a small a small private practice as a clinical member of the Counseling and Psychotherapy Association of NSW. While I am personally happy, I am keenly aware of the complexities of Mother’s Day.” –Kristin Thompson

Etevise Vaifale

“When I read Proverbs 31, it reminds me of my mum. We don’t always agree but I’m blessed and grateful for her. She fights on her knees for us, carries us, loves us when no one else does, tells us the truth even though it hurts, and she sacrifices her dreams so we can pursue ours. As you support Dad in ministry in Samoa, I want to say, Happy Mother’s day, we love you.” –Lyna Stackelroth


Sharlene Hayton

“I want to uphold today a young mother serving with her husband in Malawi, Africa. Sharlene and her husband, Ryan, have committed five years of their lives to serving the people of Malawi at  Malamulo Hospital, our church mission hospital established in 1908. She’s a busy wife, mother, hostess, care giver and educator of her children who spent the growing-up years of her life in Australia.” –Marian de Berg


Eslyn Akili

“Our beloved and only mother in good and bad times. Our mum who wakes up early to prepare us for the day and the last to sleep for the day. How kind you are, you were our door into this world and are faithfully assisting us for the world to come. Thank you very much. We love you with lots and lots of love.” –Sharon & Shannon Akili

Nada Cvejin

“To the best mother in the world, Nada Cvejin! Thank you for helping me aspire to where I am today, you have always been there to encourage and motivate, and each time I needed you the most you have been there without fail. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day! Love from your son.” –Mark Cvejin

“My mother, my friend, you’re the best thing in the world to me. My sunshine, my rain, my shoulder to cry on and my strength, I am more than blessed to have you, and I pray the good Lord will continue to bless you with all the best things that life can bring, because you deserve it. Happy Mother’s day.” –Malo Flavia Senar

Margaret Robinson

“Mum is so very special. A lot of us have grown in her heart (not under her heart), we are all her children and no person on earth can dispute that. We have sung together, prayed together, played together, and still mum continues to work, looking after others. What can I say, but… love you Mum.” –Corinne Knopper 

Ali Kingston Heise

“Ali is a superb mother and nurturer of her children. I love her to bits. I love her heart for God, and her approach in how she handles her three children, Charlie, Jesse and Zoe, and her husband (my son) Leighton. She is most creative with birthday cakes, and we wonder what she’s going to make next. Even when a cake flops because of a dodgy oven, she comes up with the best-looking birthday cake.

“Happy Mother’s Day to an outstanding mother… Much love.” –Gaylene & Lyell Heise

“Dear mum…

“My every heart beat bears your name, mum. Without it I am nothing.” –Elsie Sapat