Grant a wish with ADRA


While many of us were lamenting another pair of socks last Christmas, thousands of Adventists across Australia were smiling at the thought of life-saving chickens, water pumps and toilets.
Lismore SDA Church was just one of more than 50 churches across the country that set up an ADRA Give Life Christmas tree. Church members and the children in particular, recognised the now annual initiative is not only a meaningful way of celebrating Christmas, but an important part of supporting and giving life to those who need it most around the world.
“Each week leading up to Christmas the tree became more colourful as gifts were purchased,” said church member Valerie Dunstan. “The children were inspiring, some raiding their money boxes, others telling their parents they’d rather donate than go out for dinner.”
And the trend continues beyond the festive seasons.
“Our Grant a Wish gift catalogue is popular for people wanting to make a difference all year round,” said Braden Blyde, Communication Coordinator for ADRA Australia.  “We often hear about people buying bicycles from it for birthdays, or a water supply as a father’s day gift. One couple used the gift catalogue as a gift-registry for their wedding.”
In the last 12 months more than $450,000 has been raised through the gift catalogue. During the last Christmas period alone more than 400 chickens, 71 goats, 50 toilets and 20 sewing machines were bought for those in need.  Months of emergency food and water supplies were also purchased for those suffering from the wide spread drought in Kenya and Somalia.
“These gifts make your impact real and tangible,” said Mr Blyde. “You can hold the cards in your hand, and see and feel the impact you are making.”
ADRA Australia’s Grant a Wish gift catalogue is included with this edition of Record. Purchases can also be made online at

You can hold the cards in your hand, and see and feel the impact you are making.