iPad app just for kids


Remember when you used to sit in church or in Sabbath school and they pulled out a storyboard and felts to illustrate a story? The Sabbath school and personal ministries department of the General Conference have created an electronic version built on the GraceLink bible study guides for children.

The free Gracelink app comes complete with a library of “felts” that can be used to tell almost any story from Scripture. The app can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes Store. 

The iPad app will enable children to build faith using the latest technology...

The idea came from Falvo Fowler, Sabbath school and personal ministries editor for the General Conference. “I was sitting in church and right across the isle was a dad reading the news, while mum was trying to keep her kids occupied using a felt board. And I thought, why not provide it in a digital version for the iPad.”

Mr Fowler said he plans to release weekly graphic packs that relate to the week’s theme. There’s a locker-box to keep the resized ‘felts’ so that when you’re telling the story it is placed exactly where you chose to place it and at the size you chose.”

“The iPad app will enable children to build faith using the latest technology. It is a really important development for the GraceLink curriculum and is a great tool to enhance the telling and understanding of Bible stories,” said Julie Weslake, director of children’s ministries for the South Pacific Division.

“Crayons” are provided so children can draw their own story, or add “colour” to the laid out felt story. There’s also an email feature so that users can email or send the finished storyboard to Facebook. The lessons for Beginner, Kindergarten, and Primary bible study guides are included in the app.