Flying start for week of prayer


 Flying puppets, cheeky characters and a postman who took air mail to the extreme were all an exciting part of Karalundi Aboriginal Educational Community this term. Earlier this term it was Karalundi’s pleasure to host the team from “Arnie’s Shack” for Spiritual Emphasis Week. Arnie’s Shack are a group of Christians (Abide Family Ministries) from NSW who perform spiritual, educational and entertaining puppet shows and songs for kids, teaching all about Jesus and values. The theme for the week was “When to say Yes or No” about lifestyle choices and decisions we face every day. An original theme song was developed specially for the week encouraging kids to stop and think before they do something, saying no to temptation and to take care of their bodies.

The theme for the week was “When to say Yes or No” about lifestyle choices and decisions we face every day.

PJ arrives at Karalundi in a slightly unorthodox manner.

The week got off to a flying start literally with the arrival of the star of the show, life-sized mannequin PJ who entered the scene on the Karalundi CEO’s ultralight, much to the surprise and amazement of the kids. The Arnie’s Shack team bonded with the kids through their fantastic songs and amazing puppetry. The week included many trips to various beautiful locations around Karalundi as well as bible classes and nightly activities. Many puppet favourites appeared with Arnie including, Shane, and Ranger Hardy. But the clear favourite by far was that loveable PJ the postman! PJ even got to go on the Karalundi flying fox! Additionally, team member Junior from PNG was a big hit with his drawing and basketball skills.

Group of students with Arnie.

 The Arnie’s Shack team, facilitated by Kimberly and Rob Houliston, also did a huge amount of filming while at Karalundi. They plan to produce a new DVD, “Arnie’s Shack in Karalundi” which will be out next year and shown on Christian television networks around the world. They filmed from early in the morning until late at night with various groups of students going out with them showcasing some of the Indigenous culture which included things such as looking for honey ants, bush banana’s, and cooking damper in the fire. The climax was on the Friday night when all learnt about Jesus as our best friend and making a commitment to make the right choices in life.