Cell-based evangelism sees results


After two months of preparing hearts, evangelistic efforts in Fiji’s capital have climaxed with an 18-night series held at a packed Suva Civic Centre and 256 people baptised at the Vodafone Arena.

Organisers estimate that up to 500 visitors attended the “Hope in Revelation” series each night. The featured speaker was Pastor Tiko Kabu, director of Sabbath school and personal ministries for Fiji Mission.

It has taken ages for this type of evangelism to be seen in Suva again.

 Fijian evangelist, Pastor Tiko Kabu preaching in Suva.  

“The Civic Centre was full to capacity every night of the series, a real blessing to our Church. It has taken many years for this type of evangelism to be seen in Suva again,” said Mr Smiti Taoi, chief financial officer for the Fiji Mission.

Fundamental to the success of the campaign was the work of the 35 Seventh-day Adventist congregations around the city who organised street preaching at four sites around Suva and held cell groups almost every night in their churches. The presence of the cell groups has reduced the evangelism team’s workload, as they provide a friendly and established follow-up for those who have committed to Christ.


Pastor Kabu is following up on the success of the Suva campaign with a similar series at Lautoka City on the opposite side of the island.