3000 at first meeting of new church

Three thousand people attended the first meeting of a new Adventist Church in Honiara. It was formed following an evangelistic campaign by Australian-born pastor John Carter.
Some attending had missed out on being in the baptism of 524 people the previous weekend. They came to the new church ready for baptism. Pastor Jonnie Tango, ministerial secretary for the Solomon Islands Mission, told the meeting that they would soon hold a special baptism for them.
Pastor Boehm, president of the Solomon Islands Mission (SIM), took the first service of the new church with a message entitled, Take me to the Finishing line. He encouraged everyone to stand by the decisions they had just made. Three thousand response cards were distributed to get background information on those attending the new church. The new attendees came from all religious backgrounds to again receive Bible truths and be encouraged in their faith. The meeting was held in a giant open-sided auditorium at the Church’s Maranatha Conference Centre.
Each of the newly-baptised church members were given a Bible during a special segment of the service. Many tears flowed as people stood at the front of the church clutching their very own Word of God.
“The Seventh day Adventist Church in the Solomon Islands is comitted to developing the spiritual life of those who have just started attending,” said pastor Boehm.
Elders, church members and new believers attended the afternoon meeting which was designed to help new members grow in their relationship with Jesus and develop a personal devotional life.

...we feel certain that these were just the first fruits of the campaign and believe that we will see many more...

The members of SIM are greatly encouraged to see God move in such a powerful way, and are rising to the challenge to minister to so many new members.

“Although we rejoice in the baptism of the 524 souls last week, we feel certain that these were just the first fruits of the campaign and believe that we will see many more in the weeks, months and years to come,” said pastor Boehm.