524 people baptised in Solomon Islands


A record 524 people were baptised in the Lunga River near Honiara on Saturday. It was the largest Adventist baptism in Solomon Islands history.

Twenty-nine pastors stood in the water, with a line of 18 or 19 people standing on the shore in front of each of them. Each candidate had his or her name on a card and gave the card to an organiser as they walked into the water. This was in order that accurate records were kept of who was baptised.

What we’ve witnessed over the last ten days has been nothing short of a modern Pentecost.

“What we’ve witnessed over the last ten days has been nothing short of a modern Pentecost,” said pastor Wayne Boehm, president of the Solomon Islands Mission.

“The baptisms are the first fruits from the campaign and it’s expected that many more will continue to make a commitment to the Lord and for baptism.”

The baptism was part of an evangelistic campaign in the Solomon Islands taken by Brisbane-born, Californian-based evangelist John Carter. Most of those baptised had come forward in two altar calls at Carter’s meetings earlier in the week.

“We praise God for the large and enthusiastic attendance at the evangelistic meetings being held in Honiara by Pastor John Carter,” said Seventh-day Adventist world church President Ted N. C. Wilson. 

“It’s obvious that many are being drawn to the peculiar messages focusing on the Bible and its answers for today’s many problems. Truly, Jesus is the only answer to the challenges we face in today’s highly unsettled world. What a privilege to share the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 as we point people to Christ, His righteousness, and His soon return.”

Holding the mircophone is the former president of the third largest denomination in the Solomon Islands. He was giving his testimony before he was baptised as a Seventh-day Adventist on Sabbath.  

The program began on September 9 with 12,000 attending, but attendance kept climbing. It peaked to 35,000 at Sunday night’s meeting (September 17). That meant an incredible half of the city’s population were at this meeting to hear Carter explain the Mark of the Beast.

Thousands of those attending each night were children. They sat quietly, not moving, all of them listening attentively to the program.

“The Holy Spirit is doing something unusual in Honiara and throughout the world as we plead with the Lord for revival, reformation, and the outpouring of the latter rain,” said Wilson.

The nation’s Prime Minister addressed the final meeting saying it had taken the city of Honiara by storm. About two-thirds of those attending were not Seventh-day Adventists.

The Honiara evangelistic campaign was organised by the Carter Report organisation, with support from Adventists in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

“This Sabbath will see the launch of a brand new Seventh-day Adventist church at the Mission owned Maranatha Centre. We’re expecting 2000 plus people in attendance,” said pastor Boehm.

As part of the follow up the Church in the Solomon islands will be in need to establish a radio network so that every person in the Solomon Islands will have an opportunity to continue to hear the good news of Jesus soon return.