Adventist School offers best faith education


Manning Adventist School (MAS) is affordable, accessible and offers the best in faith-based education according to principal Shannon Quick.

Enrolment at Manning Adventist school, situated on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, has never been more affordable with reduced fees and levies made possible by the kind donations of local Adventist churches.

We have a strong focus on academics and on faith through our guiding principles: We Learn ,We Serve, We Pray, We Believe.

“We have a strong focus on academics and on faith through our guiding principles: We Learn ,We Serve, We Pray, We Believe.”

The strong focus on academic performance has seen successful results with the MySchool website revealing that students from MAS performed exceptionally well being named in the Sydney Morning Herald on March 6 as one of the top 15 achievers in literacy and numeracy in 2010.

The results also showed that Manning Adventist School was “substantially above” similar schools throughout Australia. “Our student to teacher ratio and strong student work ethic means that here at MAS, we can meet our individual students’ needs more easily than perhaps a school with a large enrolment can. We have a strong focus on nurture and pastoral care and we offer a holistic approach to educating our students; academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.”

The school will also continue its charitable work with the $34,000 in 34 days starting on August 27 and ending September 30.

This follows the successful $33,000 in 33 days program of 2010 where community support was overwhelming helping the school exceed their goal by raising $35, 230 to help provide the local community with accessible facilities.

This year will be year two in a three year fundraising plan that aims to raise $100,000 in 100 days with plans to raise $35,000 in 35 days during 2012.

The staff and students will plan 34 events during the first week of Term 3 with an outline sent to parents for their input. Following this a draft plan will be sent to local churches local councillors and selected businesses for their input, advice and expertise.

Mr Quick is excited about this year’s fundraiser, reporting that the community-based auction will take place on September 18 and the family fun day on September 25.

 Principal Shannon Quick with student Clarisse Rex.  

“Both events are great ways to raise funds. Last year the auction alone raised $8000—the community support was outstanding. It will be a busy and exciting time. God will create meeting places where his good news can be shared with others.”

This community support is appreciated and it is something the school hopes to be able to repay in some way through incorporating the local community in its planned extension of facilities, according to Mr Quick.

“We’re looking at extending our facilities and allowing community groups to use them, as such great facilities should not just be utilised between the hours of nine and three.”

These fundraising and community efforts are a result of the schools 2011 focus on the principle “We Serve.”

“That is this year’s main theme, we serve our friends, we serve our teachers and our school, we serve our community and of course we serve God our creator.”

There are many other exciting things to look forward to in 2011,with the students creating and operating small businesses in September and the soccer gala day on Friday, September 2.