Art display depicts the life of Christ


The South Pacific Division (SPD) held an open day to promote their library and new resources, ranging from general books to DVD’s and magazines—the draw card, a spread of food and a display of art works by artist, Phil McKay.

Onlookers were able to interact with Mr McKay, enjoy the soothing sounds of NatureScapes being played, enjoy a bite to eat and wander around the library.

“The art display depicts the life of Christ and portrays Him in a modern life form”

“We wanted to link the art feature to the library to show the resources available,” said Les Relihan, Supervisor for Archives and Statistics. 

The library open day saw many visitors and workers walk through the library and art showcase all through the day, enjoying the display and the interaction with each other. Many were moved after witnessing the intricate detail of Mr McKay’s work, and made sure he knew what a wonderful job he had done.

 Adventist artist Phil McKay with his work.  

“You bring Jesus so close to us” said Lucy Vuniwa who is part of the Partners for Ministry Advisory team in Fiji.

“The art display depicts the life of Christ and portrays Him in a modern life form,” said Mr McKay. “There was a need for them.”  The works displayed were commissioned for Secrets of Prophecy for It Is Written Oceania and will be used for other purposes as well.

“Having seen what I have today, reminds me that we must use the talents God has given us and use them for Him, and we can see that the Lord is truly blessing Phil. Each one of us has been given a talent, some more than others, but whatever talent we have been given, if used to the glory of God, it can be a powerful witness,” said Mr Relihan. 

Also on display were the nations represented by the staff of the SPD office and surrounds—God’s people are indeed around the globe and this highlights again the Gospel Commission,” said Irene Relihan, personal assistant for Archives & Statistics, Division General Services including the South Pacific Division library.