Volunteers provide health training in Solomons


Nurses and doctors at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Honiara, Solomon Islands, had their knowledge of cancer treatment broadened after training at the hospital on Monday and Tuesday this week, which was run and organised by volunteers from the Sydney Adventist Hospital, NSW. The trip was arranged by Sydney-based Solomon Islands registered nurse, Esther Ataria Apusae.

The training was to educate the health workers with up-to-date information on cancer and terminal health management.

I see that there is a great need for such knowledge to be acquired by the health workers in the country.

Speaking to the Solomon Star, Mrs Apusae said the training was the first of its kind organised in the country and was very important.

“I see that there is a great need for such knowledge to be acquired by the health workers in the country.”

Mrs Apusae said when visiting Solomon Islands patients at Vincent Hospital most of the patients suffering from cancer are in their late stage and it is important for health workers to know how to handle such cases.

Apart from the training conducted for health workers at the NRH the cancer specialist from Australia also had the opportunity to visit and educate second year students at the SICHE School of nursing.

Some women around Honiara City also had the opportunity to learn about the killer disease as the visiting doctors also made visits around the community. She said she is planning for the team to visit again in the future, maybe to the Western Province.

According to Mrs Apusae there is more to be done but unfortunately, time was limited on this trip. She wanted to thank Quan Chee Coopration Ltd for providing free transport, Solomon Airlines for discount in travel expenses and King Solomon Hotel for discounting accommodation expenses.

“It is by this generous support, the mission was successfully done.”