Students depend on God


Christianity became more real for students from Brisbane Adventist College (BAC) on a recent Sonship mission trip to the Solomon Islands.  The fifteen students from years 11 and 12 were involved in a maintenance project at Kukudu Adventist College (KAC).

Trip leader and secondary teacher at Brisbane Adventist College, Clinton Jackson, says that the trip ran smoothly although the entire team was humbled into dependence on God.  “The fight between good and evil is more obvious in the Solomon Islands,” commented Mr Jackson. “We experienced many answers to prayer that reminded us of our need to rely on God.”

The fight between good and evil is more obvious in the Solomon Islands.

BAC has now completed three trips to the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.  In previous years, BAC has teamed up with Darling Downs Christian School (DDCS) in Toowoomba, however DDCS ran a separate trip at the same time this year.  The two schools combined efforts to deliver a kid’s club programme in the Gizo town hall, which at various stages housed in excess of 300 people.

In addition to kid’s clubs programs in several villages, both schools completed maintenance projects on the island of Kolambangera.  The DDCS students painted some classrooms around the village of Kenna and the BAC students were able to tile the dining hall at Kukudu Adventist College.  “The tiling was really hard work,” noted BAC student Emma Leeson.  “It was touching to see Mr Aposay lay the final tile.”

BAC and DDCS are committed to providing opportunities for students to experience mission work. The impact on the students has longer term effects than a two week mission trip.  Year 11 student, Anikah Shaw said, “Returning to Australia gives me an new appreciation of how lucky we are and strengthens my desire to help other people and pursue a personal relationship with God.”