School leaders to change temperature


Delegates from Perth to Raratonga enjoyed the opportunity to seek spiritual refreshment, network with colleagues and explore ways to partner with chaplains, pastors and parents to reach young people for Christ, through an Adventist Education conference.

The biennial conference saw 108 educational leaders from the Australian and New Zealand Pacific Union Conferences gathered together in Adelaide, South Australia. The meetings focused on how schools can partner with churches and families to encourage children to develop meaningful relationships with Jesus.

First and foremost people who lead others into discipleship must themselves be disciples.

Guest speakers included Rev Dr Rowland Croucher of John Mark Ministries, Dr John Skrzypaszek of the Adventist Research Institute, Dr Barry Oliver, president of the South Pacific Division, and Pastor Don MacLafferty of Kids In Discipleship.

Adventist school leaders were challenged to take the initiative to establish a team approach to intentional discipling of our young people. 

First and foremost people who lead others into discipleship must themselves be disciples, Pastor MacLafferty said. He reminded principals and school leaders that their daily appointment with God was foundational to effective leadership especially in this key area. Secondly, he said daily appointments with family were God’s next expectation for workers in the Gospel cause. 

Conference dinner speaker, Sheridan Voysey, challenged the group to look beyond our schools and churches to consider themselves part of the two per cent of communities who can “change the temperature of the society in which we live”.

Mr Voysey, a presenter on Christian radio show Open House, was inspirational as he presented the key rationale of why Christian living makes sense in our 21st century society.  His fresh look at Jesus as Saviour was a highlight of the conference.