Bible bootcamp equips, empowers


More than 250 people were equipped to share the gospel as a result of attending the Arise Bible Boot Camp, hosted by Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church from April 2 -17.

Kingscliff Church Pastor Marcus Mundall was “absolutely thrilled” with the turn-out.

Your pastor doesn’t have your contacts. God calls us all to be soulwinners.

“Our faith wasn’t very big… [initially] we had a cap of two hundred, then we got to that cap and said, ‘we don’t want to turn anyone away, let’s see how many can actually fit in here. So we got out the measuring tapes. The team worked really hard to make sure there was space.”

The two-week intensive program was delivered by Arise (which has recently merged with Light Bearers). Arise is a US-based resource institute for soulwinning and evangelism.

Presenters included Pastor David Asscherick, Jeffrey Rosario, Matt Parra, and Randy Ban.

Pastor David Asscherick and Randy Ban address the Bootcamp.

Delegates were taught how to share the gospel by delivering a structured series of Bible studies, based on the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The program featured concerts by Psalter musicians Eric and Monique Johnson, and Josh and Jackie Cunningham.

About half of those in attendance were from Kingscliff church. Many more came from interstate or traveled more than three hours to attend. International representation included New Zealand, Fiji and the US. Former church members were also drawn to the program.

Attendees left Bible Boot Camp with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence: “I’ve always wanted to share the Word of God, but didn’t know exactly how. Now I’m so much more confident about sharing,” said Leanne Horder, of Mt Gravatt church, Qld.

Pastor Asscherick urged delegates to put their training into practice, noting that one had already used the studies to lead a contact to Jesus.

“[There are people] who are waiting, longing, hoping to hear the message presented with clarity, Biblical fidelity, authenticity, and most of all, with a Christ-centred focus,” he said.

Nine were baptised on the final Sabbath of the program, with more requesting studies.

The Kingscliff Church Bible Boot Camp committee, chaired by Tammi Elsner, plans to continue working with the Arise team to deliver a follow-up program next year.

Pastor Mundall said that local churches ought to be more proactive in encouraging their members to reach out to those they know: “Your pastor doesn’t have your contacts. God calls us all to be soulwinners.”