Lower cancer risk for Adventists


Research now reveals Seventh-day Adventist males have 40% less risk of cancer and Adventist females have a 25% less risk of cancer.

And Adventist vegetarians have half the risk of cardio-vascular disease.

In the end, death is inevitable. And Seventh-day Adventists die of the same causes as everyone else. But they die later.

These are results of research done on the health of Seventh-day Adventists living in California.

Large numbers of Adventists are vegetarians, or vegans. This gave researchers a chance to make comparisons with them and people who ate meat, but had almost the same lifestyle.

This showed that:

► People eating meat have a whopping 85% higher risk of developing colon cancer than vegetarians.

► Adventist women who exercise more often delay the onset of breast cancer.

► Men drinking soymilk daily have 30% less prostate cancer than those who never drink it.

► Meat-eaters have double the risk of bladder cancer than vegetarians.

► Overall, Adventists have a 33% lower risk of cancer.

Research not only shows that Adventists have a big cancer advantage, but less risk of cardio-vascular disease.

“Adventist men who eat meat are about twice as likely to die of a heart attack as their vegetarian peers.” says researcher Gary Fraser of Loma Linda University. “The difference is even more pronounced in women, but in their case, it tapers off considerably during their elderly years.

“In the end, death is inevitable. And Seventh-day Adventists die of the same causes as everyone else. But they die later. Some might think the extra years are feeble ones. But we have also measured the quality of life, and at virtually every age Adventists score better,” he said.

The research also shows Adventists have less risk of being caught up in the obesity epidemic. Adventist women eating a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet weigh 8.5 kg (19 pounds) less than meat-eaters, and vegan women weigh 15 kg (34 pounds) less. Vegetarian men also have a lower-weight advantage, but it’s not as great as women.

The research also shows that the type of vegetable eaten is important.

The Adventist study indicates that whole grains are especially healthy, giving protection against heart attacks. People who eat whole-grain bread are roughly 50 percent less likely to have a heart attack than those who eat white bread. And eating small quantities of nuts at least five times a week cuts the heart attack risk in half.

The research also showed that Adventist vegetarians and vegans have less diabetes and less high-blood pressure.

For further details see http://news.adventist.org/2011/05/commentary-adventist.html.