School raises funds for Christchurch victims


Students, staff and parents of Macquarie College were so moved by the devastation of the recent Christchurch earthquake that they embarked on an optimistic fundraising project to help earthquake victims at their sister school, Christchurch Adventist School (CAS).

The “Cash for CAS” project was pread over two weeks and gained intensity with every student volunteering their time and resources. A variety of activities ran during that time, and the cash soon began to add up.

A Year One class raised a total of $1,000

Small buckets were left in each classroom where students could make donations of any size. One of the Year 4 classes held a Cupcake Stall where all the cupcakes on sale had been kindly and loving donated by their parents. A Year 1 class raised a total of $A1,000, an amazing effort for six year olds.

Macquarie College students selling cupcakes to raise money for earthquake victims.  

In the final days of the fundraiser, Macquarie College held a “Red and Black” Mufti Day. Students were encouraged to come to school dressed in red and black clothes and offer a gold coin donation for the privilege. All kinds of stalls were set up around the College grounds, selling various items ranging from food and drinks to plaster cast models for painting. Megamania brought in a mobile rock-climbing wall and generously donated all the funds they earned at the fundraiser to the appeal.

‘Megamania’ brought in a rock climbing wall to help fundraise.  

At the end of the two week project staff, students and families were thrilled to discover they had raised a grand total of $A8,000, in excess of $NZ10,600 for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. More than $A4,000 was collected on the final Mufti Day.

During a special morning Chapel Assembly, Gayle Sleight from Macquarie College, presented a cheque to Christchurch Adventist School principal, Mr Danny Carrasco. The special presentation was followed by a prayer of thanks for the wonderful support, from students, teachers and the school community of Macquarie College.

Mr Carrasco expressed his most sincere, heartfelt thanks to each and every person involved in the generous fundraising efforts.