Record magazine used for evangelism


Hundreds of youth from the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Savo Island, in Central Province of the Solomon Islands, established Gospel Wokabout, an outreach program to the wider community.

They said the outreach was the result of the infilling of the Holy Spirit after working through Operation Global Rain (OGR), a grassroots movement of prayer focused on revival and reformation.

When you are filled with God’s spirit you would want to go and preach the gospel to others

“The youth went from village to village and met with all people by sharing books and God’s word with them. We also left Record magazines using it to share our Church’s message,” said Pastor Selwyn Kouto of the Ravulomata Church on Savo Island. 

“We decided to share Record with those in need because of the different segments and many messages in the church magazine. It’s a new form of evangelism for us.”


The youth spent 10 days praying for the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. As a result many experienced revival, and many testimonies were heard of youth wanting to make a difference in their communities.

“The purpose of OGR was for the Ravulomata church members to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in their personal lives,” said Pastor Kouto. Youth from the local Anglican Church also attended.

Pastor Kouto said, “The holy spirit is the greatest need of the church to enable individuals to become active and genuine Christians today.”

Throughout the 10 days the church prayed and fasted together. The topics covered were:

Early Rain

Night 1: Praying for a Forgiving Spirit
Night 2: Praying for Repentance
Night 3: Praying for Victory over Sin in our Lives
Night 4: Praying for Deep Devotional Life
Night 5: Praying for A Spirit of Unity in the Church

Latter Rain:

Night 6: Praying for an understanding of Latter Rain
Night 7: Praying for a Preparation to preach the 3 Angelʼs Messages
Night 8: Praying for Souls in Bondage to Sin and Error
Night 9: Praying for Family, and Friends to Return to the Fold
Night 10: Praying to have Boldness to Act

“Thank you all for your urgency in prayer,” said Pastor Gilbert Cangy, General Conference director of youth ministries. “We believe that God has called youth for such a time as this. The General Conference has adopted this initiative and for that we praise God. We believe that this is just the beginning of greater things to come.”

“When you are filled with God’s spirit you would want to go and preach the gospel to others,” said Pastor Kouto.