Waste nothing: Songwriter sends message


If singer and songwriter Daniel Reynaud’s new album Nothing Is Wasted (Psalter) came with an advisory label, it would be, “Nothing artificial added.”

Influenced by artists such as Michael Card, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and John Michael Talbot, Daniel uses his songs to challenge, confront, inspire and refresh. “They’re an antidote to the sweetness of typical Christian music,” says Daniel.

I’ve found God in the things I’ve done poorly and in the things I’ve done well.

Since first learning the guitar at age 16, Daniel’s concern has been to get past the pat phrases and common words whose familiarity often buries their original power. His goal: to find fresh ways of telling the truth. “I’ve found God in the things I’ve done poorly and in the things I’ve done well.”

Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud, is dean of the Faculty of Arts and Theology at Avondale College


Nothing Is Wasted

Daniel brings a whimsical wit to his writing and adds a strong sense of personal and observed experience, which gives songs on Nothing Is Wasted an edge of honesty and humour. For example, in “What You’re Like,” Daniel boldly reveals his feelings: “Jesus hold me tight tonight/ I’m feeling kind of fragile/ I know I muffed a lot of things today/ Made something of a fool of myself/ Didn’t cope too well/ And I need a hug to tell me its okay.” While other artists may hesitate to write in such a candid manner, it is one of Daniel’s strengths.

Even the design of the album cover plays on a clever use of words. On first look, the album title reads simply, “Nothing.” On second look, and at the correct angle, the words, “Is Wasted,” which appear in a gloss black on a matt black background, become visible. Like the cover, Daniel’s lyrics dare the listener to consider again what they know, or what they think they know.

Music is important to Daniel. It ranks up there with his relationship with God, his relationship with his family and with his work—Daniel is dean of the Faculty of Arts and Theology at Avondale College of Higher Education whose interest lies in the Anzac legend and its representation in early Australian films.

This is also important: all profits from Daniel’s album will support Kidz4Him, a ministry of two friends who, Daniel says, “decided to take God seriously.” “They grew tired of living in our affluent society while ignoring pain elsewhere, so they sold everything to care for the thousands of children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Zambia. Many of their friends said they were crazy, and they are, crazy about doing what God has asked them to do.” Daniel admires Rob Moodie and wife Sheree’s spiritual integrity and trust in God and wants to honour their work. “Their faith and courage inspire me.”

Nothing is Wasted was recorded Adventist Media Network’s Dale Willis at Avondale’s sound studios.

Daniel will launch Nothing Is Wasted in the Brandstater Amphitheatre at Avondale from 7.30 PM on Wednesday, March 23.

The launch is part of the first Manifest Creative Arts Festival, coordinated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific through Adventist Media Network and Avondale. Visit www.artsmanifest.info/ for more information.

Nothing Is Wasted is available for $20 from the Adventist Book Centre in Cooranbong or via the iTunes store. Hear samples and link to iTunes at https://www-psaltermusic-com.adventistconnect.org/artists/daniel-reynaud