Adventists to give offering to Haiti


This Sabbath (Saturday) December 25, all Seventh-day Adventists across the South Pacific, and in fact the world, will be asked to give generously to the world mission offering to help Haitians.

The offering collected on Christmas day, will help fund the restoration of churches and schools in Haiti, the Caribbean island nation still recovering from a devastating earthquake earlier this year.

World offering will fund restoration of Adventist churches and schools

The earthquake levelled most of the capital city of Port-au-Prince in January. However a recent outbreak of cholera has claimed more than 2,000 lives and infected over 30,000. There are still many town people camped in make shift accommodation on the campus of the Adventist University in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince. The offering will also go toward rebuilding the student dormitories will provide scholarships for 1,000 impoverished children.

Churches and schools have been destroyed and need to be rebuilt or restored  

The offering will also help reconstruct the more than 100 churches and dozens of schools either destroyed or damaged during the earthquake.

“We want to affirm our commitment as Seventh-day Adventists to stand by [Haitians] through these trying times,” said Israel Leito, president of the church’s Inter-American Division, which oversees the church in Haiti. “There is still so much suffering, there are still so many people who are half destitute.”

Haitians have suffered a great deal and need our help and support  

Organised more than 100 years ago, the Adventist Church in Haiti is among the largest church territories in Inter-America, with about 350,000 members worshiping in 480 congregations. In addition, to the university in Port-au-Prince, the church operates a hospital and several radio stations.

Known as the 13th Sabbath offering, the collection is one of four special offerings each year collected specifically to fund mission projects in the global denomination.