Sanitarium corrects cereal pack labelling


In spite of some adverse reports in the Australian press this week, Sanitarium stands by the nutritional value of its products. Communications Manager Julie Praestiin says, “Sanitarium continues to be committed to providing all Australians with food that is truly nourishing.”

Sanitarium was contacted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding Weet-Bix Wild Berry Bites and Weet-Bix Apricot Bites, Granola Clusters and Light n’ Tasty Triple Berry. The ACCC was concerned about a possible contravention of the Trade Practices Act caused by a misinterpretation of the percentage of fruit content in the fruit pieces as listed on the packaging of these products.

We are undertaking a review of our product labelling to ensure we are in full compliance with the Act

Praestiin says, “Once the misinterpretation of the correct format for listing the ingredients of these products was brought to our attention, we immediately updated the nutrition information panel accordingly.”  Sanitarium reformulated their Bites range to bolster the fruit content in the fruit pieces. The company is confident this change ensures the percentage attributed to the fruit pieces is accurately and clearly stated. These reformulated products and updated packaging are already available on supermarket shelves.


Sanitarium is committed to continuing to provide quality food products


Sanitarium says it is committed to providing quality food products and is cooperating fully with the ACCC to ensure that consumers receive clear nutritional information that best equips them on their health journey. Praestiin says, “We are undertaking a review of our product labelling to ensure we are in full compliance with the Act. We will also continue providing regular training and information to our employees to ensure that communication with consumers is accurate and best reflective of our products and their nutritional composition.”