Australian baptises hundreds in South Africa


Australian born evangelist John Carter has already started baptising many of the 900 people who have already asked to be Adventist Christians in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Local conference president, Dave Spencer, told RECORD, “I have never seen so many Caucasians in attendance at a religious meeting.” Now into its 4th week in the beautiful Mosaiek Theater the 2500+ audience is 80% whites, with blacks and coloureds making up the remainder.   John Carter says, “This is a historical breakthrough to caucasians who are a threatened species in the church around the world.

This series has proven that it is possible to reach educated people in big cities with the Gospel of Christ

John Carter preaches to a large audience at the Mosaiek Theater in Johannesburg.  

The foreign team in Johannesburg includes 4 Australians including Pastor Harold Harker who is project manager.  Harker says “This series has proven that it is possible to reach educated people in big cities with the Gospel of Christ. They all turn to the texts in their Bibles and listen with great attention.”

The meetings have attracted a large audience of hard to reach caucasians  

Adventist networks 3ABN and Hope Channel have joined forces to live broadcast the public meetings from Johannesburg to 150 downlink sites around the country. This is the first time that HOPE and 3ABN have cooperated together and the programs carry the HOPE logo as well as the 3ABN logo.

John Carter is interviewed during a meeting  

Johannesburg is the most dangerous city in Africa. Church leaders have provided Carter and his team with an armed guard.

Seventy-one year old Carter told RECORD, “The advertising created by Australian Phil Ward back in 1976 continues to work marvelously around the world. Here in South Africa it has brought out a audience that is intellectually receptive.”