New ‘It Is Written International’ speaker

John Bradshaw, the New Zealand-born pastor of a Seventh-day Adventist congregation in College Place, Washington, is the new speaker/director of It Is Written International, a pioneering Adventist television ministry in North America. He succeeds Shawn Boonstra, who stepped aside earlier this month over health concerns. Pr Gary Kent remains the speaker/director of It Is Written Oceania, based in the South Pacific Division.
In an e-mail message to the ministry’s supporters, Boonstra described Bradshaw as “a man with a deep commitment to the cause of Christ and an obvious passion for soul-winning.”
He added, “Our backgrounds and approaches to the work are remarkably similar, and yet [John] brings new insights and abilities to It Is Written that will expand our impact and help us become even more effective in leading people to Christ.”

Due to health issues, I am relinquishing my duties as speaker/director of It Is Written

Earlier, in discussing his departure from day-to-day responsibilities for It Is Written International, Boonstra wrote, “Due to health issues, I am relinquishing my duties as speaker/director of It Is Written. I take this step with considerable regret because I believe the work of It Is Written is the most important and the most exciting work on earth.”
“I would like to thank all of those who support this ministry, and all of those who have prayed for me these last few months.”
It Is Written International is the head office of the worldwide It Is Written ministry, which has several offices and locally produced television programs around the world. In the South Pacific, the It Is Written Oceania office is led by speaker/director Pr Gary Kent, who is delighted to now be partnering in ministry with Pr John Bradshaw.
Pr Gary Kent and the It Is Written Oceania team have extended their welcome to Pr John Bradshaw. “We’re delighted that the US office of It Is Written has found such a great evangelist to take the It Is Written ministry in North America forward. We’re sad that Pr Boonstra has had to relinquish his duties in order to recover from recent poor health, but God is still leading this global ministry, which is evidenced by Pr Bradshaw’s appointment. My team and I certainly look forward to working with him to continue winning souls for Jesus.”

Pr Gary Kent, Speaker/Director of It Is Written Oceania


Founded by Seventh-day Adventist pastor George Vandeman, the program It Is Written ministry launched as a TV program in 1956 on 13 television stations across North America, and was the first religious program to air in color. After nearly 40 years at the helm, Vandeman was succeeded in 1992 by Mark A. Finley, an Adventist evangelist who is now editor-at-large for Adventist Review magazine. Boonstra took over for Finley in 2005. The worldwide It Is Written ministry now includes several locally produced television programs, including It Is Written Oceania, It Is Written Canada and the Spanish version Esta Escrito, along with other evangelism campaigns and projects.

Bradshaw, 43 has served as an Adventist pastor for 15 years and has held more than 80 evangelistic series. He was a morning radio disc jockey before his conversion, which took place during a trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. He spent 12 years as an evangelist with Amazing Facts, a supporting Adventist ministry in Roseville, California. He was a pastor in Lexington, Kentucky, for two and one-half years and has been pastor of the Village Church in College Place for 15 months.