School raises $A33,000 in 33 days


The Manning Adventist School (MAS) in the Manning Valley, New South Wales, has fundraised in excess of $A33,000 in 33 days.

The fundraising efforts started on August 29 and concluded on Friday October 1, with a Money Trail along Manning Street.

We believe with God’s leading we can fundraise $33,000 in 33 days to develop community-based facilities at our school

“In brief, and with much excitement, I announce the students of MAS fundraised $35,230.00 in 33 days,” says Shannon Quick, Principal of MAS.

The school facilitated 33 fundraising events over the 33 days. The events included a talent night, quiz night, movie night, games night, garage sale, sleep over at school, community based auction, a theme dress day, a food fundraiser, and a money trail. “Each of these, along with the students seeking donations, contributed to the 33 day event,” says Mr Quick.

The theme throughout the 33 days was, We believe with God’s leading we can fundraise $33,000 in 33 days to develop community-based facilities at our school.

The school plans to develop facilities the community will be able to use. The facilities include a full size tennis court and full size soccer oval with floodlights, netball courts, a new external toilet block and shelter, car parking, playing fields and much more. 

The facilities will compliment the new ‘Function Centre’ opened on Friday 24 September, by Pastor John Lang – North New South Wales (NNSW) president, and Mr Ralph Luchow – NNSW education director.

The fundraising event will continue in 2011 and 2012. “In 2011, we believe with God’s leading, that MAS will raise $34,000 in 34 days, and in 2012 we believe MAS will raise $35,000 in 35 days,” says Mr Quick.

“During the 33 days, dad and I went around to invite businesses to the auction and the formal dinner to ask for donations for the auction,” says Jamie Quick, grade 5 student.

The school plans to match the funds raised dollar-for-dollar over the three years of fundraising. After 3 years, the school will have spent over $200,000 in developing facilities that the local community will benefit from.

At the start of 2010, Manning Adventist School began with 11 students and has doubled the number to 23 students by August. “This is an amazing effort by the students and staff of this small school, and those that prayed for, supported and believed in us,” says Mr Quick.  

The students and staff acknowledge they did not succeed by their own strength or by their own power, but by the Spirit of God as found in Zechariah 4:6. They gave praise and thanks to God for His leading. The 33-day event has strengthened their faith and belief in God.