AUC executive committee appointed


174 delegates attending the Australian Union Constituency Meetings voted an Executive Committee of 40 members (by constitution) for the next five years:

Ex Officio Members

We cannot be comfortable with what we have done. There is so much more to do and we cannot complete the task doing it the way we have done in the past

3x AUC Officers
Pastor Chester Stanley
Pastor Ken Vogel
Mr Kingsley Wood

2x AUC Institutions
Mr Benjamin Thomas (Lilydale)
Pr Gordon Stafford (Mamarapha)

9x Conference Presidents
Pr David Blanch (GS)
Pr David Stoijic (NA)
Pr John Lang (NNSW)
Pr Garry Hodgkin (SA)
Pr Robert Manners (SNSW)
Pr Neiil Watts (SQ)
Pr Wayne Boehm (TAS)
Pr Wayne Stanley (Vic)
Pr Glenn Townend (WA)

6 x Department/Ministry Directors
Pr Graeme Christian (Ministerial)
Mr Jonathan Duffy (ADRA)
Pr Roger Govender (SS/P/N)
Pr Tony Knight (Youth)
Dr Daryl Murdoch (Education)
Mr Stephen Piez (ATSIM)

Voted Members

3x pastors/employees
Mr Paul Geelan (NNSW)
Pr Jorge Munoz (SQLD)
Miss Natalie Thomas (VIC)

2x Executive Officers
Pr Michael Worker (GSC)
Mr Warrick Long (WA)

3x Others 
Mrs Sandra Evans (NNSW)
Mrs Michelle Lambert (WA)
Dr Jenny Palangeanu (NA)

12x Lay persons
Judge John Bagnall (GS)
Miss Clare Barnes (SNSW)
Mrs Kerralyn Bullock (SNSW)
Dr Matthew Byrne (WA)
Mr Gordon Feitz (WA)
Mrs Helen Gray (SA)
Mrs Jovanka Khoury (SA)
Mrs Vicki Knight (Tas)
Mr Timothy Merrit (NNSW)
Mrs Deanna Pitchford (SQLD)
Mr Derek Rippingale (VIC)
Mrs Jeanne Strahan (SQLD)

Analysis of the composition

3 – Greater Sydney 
3 – Northern Australia
4 – South Queensland
4 – North New South Wales
3 – South New South Wales
3 – Victoria
2 – Tasmania
3 – South Australia
4 – Western Australia

4 x Carry over
2x Education
3x pastors
2x youth
11x female
9x male

Pastor Chester Stanley has been re-elected by the 174 delegates attending the quinquennial (once every 5 years) session of the Australian Union Conference.

Earlier, Pr Chester Stanley opened the constituency meetings in Melbourne. Delegates are chosen by their local conferences. There are nine conferences in the Australian Union.

In the opening ceremony, two hundred delegates, invitees and church members participated in a phone hookup with 18 Australian Seventh-day Adventists who are passionate about mission in their locality.

Pastor Stanley told the meeting we have much to rejoice about with God’s leading. “But we cannot be comfortable with what we have done,” he said. “There is so much more to do and we cannot complete the task doing it the way we have done in the past. A good fisherman will use every method available to catch fish.”

Pastor Stanley has been Union President since the inauguration of the Australian Union Conference in 2000. The vote endorsing Pastor Stanley’s leadership was 152 in favour with only 8 against. The nominating Committee continue to work on appointing the other officers, departmental directors and committees.

One hundred and seventy four delegates voted the following leaders in on Tuesday September 7:

Associate Chief Financial Officer: Mr Peter Cameron

Ministerial Association: Pr Graeme Christian

Director of ATSIM: Mr Steve Piez

Associate ATSIM: Pr Don Fehlberg

Director Sabbath School, Personal Ministries Pr Roger Govender

Director Stewardship Pr Roger Govender

Director Youth Pr Tony Knight

Director Education: Dr Daryl Murdoch

Associate Education Director: Mr Lyndon Chapman

Director Safe Place Services: Pr David Robertson

Associate Director Safe Place Services: Dallas O’Connor

Resource Centre: Referred to Executive Committee

CEO ADRA Mr Jonathan Duffy

PARL Pr Ken Vogel

Earlier, the delegates re-elected:

President: Pr Chester Stanley

General Secretary: Pr Ken Vogel

Chief Financial Officer: Mr Kingsley Wood

Banner photo: Dr Barry Oliver praying over the Stanley’s