15,000 Signs into letterboxes


More than 15,000 Signs of the Times along with an offer of a free copy of Great Controversy are about to go into the letterboxes of one lucky New South Wales postcode. The gift packs, consisting of a Signs and invitation to subscribe, a Try Jesus response card and the free book offer, are aimed at gaining community contacts and Bible studies for local churches.

The program, a variation of the Go Signs, Go Gospel initiative that has placed Signs in a million letterboxes over recent years, has been christened Adopt-a-Postcode.

Of course, not all become Adventists, but it will provide ‘hot’ contacts for a local church to follow up

According to the Church’s Wahroonga-based Media Response Unit, the local church attached to the chosen destination postcode can expect around 50 responses to the offer of a free showing of the “Who is Jesus?” DVD and companion Bible-study course. Of these, most will complete the course and view the DVD.

“Of course, not all become Adventists, but it will provide ‘hot’ contacts for a local church to follow up,” says Lee Dunstan, manager of Signs Ministry, the initiator of the program.

“This drop is a pilot; it will test the waters and provide objective feedback for future drops,” he says. “And as soon as we have the data, we’ll be informing all churches, inviting them to ‘adopt’ a post code of their own in a division-wide rollout. Churches participating in this venture will reap a direct benefit from Signs. It’s a seed-sowing exercise, which, I anticipate, will reap a huge harvest.”

Using commercial agents, the Signs gift pack is delivered to letterboxes in a postcode. By using a professional agency, the delivery is systematic, can be tracked and monitored, and is completed in just one or two days, allowing a timely response and complete reporting.

Adopt-a-postcode marries Try Jesus contacts with their nearest Adventist church. To receive the “Who is Jesus?” DVD viewing offer, a person by necessity connects with the church that has adopted their home postcode. The church delivers the DVD, while the Media Response Unit cares for the lessons and informs the church. Eventually—and, importantly, at the invitation of the contact—a church member becomes a first-person link for friendship building, giving invitations to church functions and services, delivering other DVDs, and on-going Bible study.

“The program will be coordinated by Signs Ministry and the Response Unit on behalf of churches,” explains Dunstan. “All a church has to do is commit—then deliver “Who is Jesus?” when the time comes.”

When a church formally adopts a postcode, it will receive a detailed map detailing the precise delivery area, the numbers of homes in it, plus online access to demographic information about its population, helping churches to decide the limit of its commitment and what is appropriate outreach. Following a drop, churches will be informed of the results by the Media Response Unit and advised of future prospects and “Try Jesus” deliveries.