South Pacifc Division Report


The 2010 General Conference Report from the South Pacific Division

The missionary spirit that brought Adventism to Australia more than 100 years ago is alive and well today in the South Pacific, as the Seventh-day Adventist Church expands into islands that were previously unreached.

“We are your division that is committed to mission,” declared Dr Barry Oliver, president of the South Pacific Division, standing on stage with dozens of church members, many dressed in traditional attire. “We are thankful to God that He has planted a missionary heart.”

Dr Oliver said churches should take the time to download and play the 20 minute film in Sabbath School or in the afternoon.

Covering 19 countries with 5,000 churches and companies, the South Pacific has 420,000 members in places such as Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands.

Just two years ago, the church made major inroads by entering the French-speaking Wallis Islands, which was previously “impossible” to enter, according to the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference. An evangelistic family entered in 2008, which led to six baptisms.

Over the past five years, hundreds of people have become Adventists, and more than 40 churches have been strategically planted in big cities and remote islands, both of which are challenging places to spread the Word of God.

Some 46,000 students attend 332 Adventist schools in the South Pacific, and Fulton College in Fiji will be relocated to a more easily accessible location.

Thanks to the Sanitarium Health Food Company, the church enjoys a popular image in public—the company’s Weet-Bix brand is Australia’s top breakfast cereal, and So Good soy milk is the most popular in Australia and New Zealand.

General Conference Session delegates applauded the 20 minute South Pacific video report presented by Division president Dr Barry Oliver on Thursday night, July 1. Produced by Adventist Media Network, delegates were taken on a virtual plane flight in the new mission plane operated by the church in Papua New Guinea.

The division’s video report included a clip of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who applauded Sanitarium for its corporate responsibility in giving back to the community.

Dr Oliver said churches should take the time to download and play the 20 minute film in Sabbath School or in the afternoon. “The film will encourage and inform church members as to how the mission is being accomplished in the South Pacific.”

South Pacific Division Report from InFocus Christian News on Vimeo.

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