Youth drive into the heart of Australia


The Western Australian Youth Department organised a two-week trip into the heart of Central Australia from July 11-26. 

The trip was entitled ‘The Passage’ and involved an approximate 6000km round trip from Perth through to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The return trip took the team across the Nullabor Desert in South Australia. 


The expedition was for young adults aged 18-30. The journey was designed to bring the youth closer to God, based on a book called ‘Sacred Pathways’ by Gary Thomas.

The book details nine different ways called ‘Pathways’ that people can experience in order to build a stronger walk with God. The author suggests that people relate and prefer engaging differently to their spiritual relationship with God depending on elements such as personality, background and previous experiences. 


“We are trying to show young people that there are different ways to experience God over and above the experience of church each Sabbath morning.  The young people are really excited by the activities that help illustrate different ways that they are able to connect with God,” says Derek McCutcheon, associate youth director for WA.


Amongst all the sightseeing and 4WD experiences enjoyed along the journey, the participants engaged in nine different activities each illustrating one of the nine ‘Pathways.’ 

Some of the activity highlights included building a shelter for a remote aboriginal community, experiencing an ‘hour of power’ in solitude with God in nature and experiencing an agape feast together in the geographical centre of Australia.