Central Coast church experiences All-Power


A relatively small church located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, has just undertaken a big evangelistic enterprise.

The meetings organised by the Woy Woy church were held at the local Peninsula Community Centre. The theme for the All Power One series was Get the Most Out of Life. Topics covered were personal growth, success and achievement—physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

It is estimated that an average of 280 persons attended each session over the entire period

Owen D’Costa, senior pastor of the Woy Woy church says, “The local church has a total book-membership of thirty seven baptised members. During the previous year the church members had seriously contemplated its direction and future. They decided 2010 should be their Year of Evangelism.”

“So we began praying eight months ago—planning, organising and conducting pathway programs,” commented program coordinator, Rene Burkart. “This helped us prepare for the commencement of the All Power One seminar.”

Visiting presenters were Leo Schreven from the US and Pastor Justin Lawman, Director for Evangelism for the North New South Wales Conference. The meetings were on Thursday and Friday evenings, through the day on Sabbath, and concluding on Sunday afternoon.

“Very valuable and productive assistance was given by volunteers from other churches in the Gosford area—for which the Woy Woy church is deeply grateful,” says Mr Burkart.

It is estimated that an average of 280 persons attended each session over the entire period. Those attending expressed much appreciation for the genuine hospitality and helpful information shared.

Two separate programs—All Power For Kids—were organised for children between the ages of one to five, and six to 12.

Before the last program concluded on Sunday, Leo Schreven presented “A reason for faith in Jesus Christ.”  He invited attendees to continue with the All Power Two program that began two days later.  Pastor Lawman then presented gospel and doctrinal messages— with five sessions each week for four weeks.

“Woy Woy church members and attendees were organised into teams and committees. This ensured that every aspect of program was, and continues to be, both smooth and professional,” says Pr D’Costa. “Every available person rallied willingly to do their part to make the evangelistic endeavour a success. It has been an invaluable blessing to the local church as a whole under God’s direction.”