Policy favouring evolution withdrawn


A policy developed by the Non Government Schools registration Board of South Australia—that was intended to prevent Schools from teaching creation in a science classroom—has been totally rewritten.  

The withdrawn policy stated; “The Board does not accept as satisfactory a science curriculum in a non-government school which is based upon, expouses or reflects the literal interpretation of a religious text in its treatment of either creationism or intelligent design.”

The ability to teach and critique both evolution and intelligent design in science curriculum is an essential...

“The modification of the policy by the South Australian non-government registration board to focus on scientific methodology in the teaching of Science is a positive and sensible outcome in line with similar bodies interstate,” says Daryl Murdoch, Australian Union Conference education director.  “I am grateful to colleagues in the Christian sector for rallying and signing a joint statement requesting the review of the outrageous policy that was clearly at odds with the rights of independent schools to teach in accordance with their belief system.”

The policy that was introduced by the Non-Government Schools Registration Board of South Australia in December 2009 removed the ability of independent schools in South Australia to teach creation or intelligent design as part of the science curriculum.

The South Australian Conference, the Prescott Schools system, with the Independant Schools Association called for the withdrawal of the policy and serious consultation.

In sharing the decision—South Australian Conference Education Director Mr Carel Neuhoff says, “The ability to teach and critique both evolution and intelligent design in science curriculum is an essential part of the special character of our schools”, he continued.” Having this policy in place would have greatly limited the freedom of classroom teachers to share an Adventist worldview.”