Croatian Ambassador visits festival


The Brisbane Croatian church recently sponsored a Croatian food & arts festival at their newly purchased property.

The aim of the day was to inform the Croatian speaking community and the surrounding neighbourhood of the future plans of their property located in Sunnybank, Brisbane.

The aim of the day was to inform the Croatian speaking community and the surrounding neigbourhood of the future...

The Croatian Ambassador, Mr Vincenzije Biuk and his wife, flew from Canberra, Australia’s national capital, to participate in the event.

“I am glad to be with you today supporting multiculturalism.  Croatians are mostly Catholics, but not all of them. I’m glad to see that the Croatian community treats Croatian Catholics equally with Croatian Seventh-day Adventists, says Mr Biuk. “I like that—my presence here is a confirmation that I want to support every activity of the Croatian communities in Australia, which strengthens our unity. Also, I want to support all those people who contribute to our Croatian wellbeing here in Australia and the homeland.”

Other prominent members of the Croatian community also attended and gave their full support by cooking traditional foods.

A Croatian folk dancing group displayed their beautiful national costumes and traditional dance throughout the day. Members from the Brisbane church also cooked wonderful food and sweets—they entertained many by enacting traditional folk drama.

The event also provided an opportunity for those interested in the arts to display their literary works, photography and music—traditional and modern Croatian.

“We’re overwhelmed by the turn out on the day,” says Jakob Kelava, pastor of the Brisbane Croatian church. “Over 2,000 people from all walks of life supported the festival. Many offered to help with the construction of the new church facilities.”

“Exhaustion was the word at the end of the day, but we praised and thanked the Lord for His leading, and pray that many souls will come to know Him through our work in the community,” says Lydia Jakovac, Brisbane Croatian church communication secretary.